Kariyer Merkezi (MARKAM)

Kariyer Merkezi (MARKAM)

Reed Danışmanlık İş İlanı

Reed Türkiye olarak, danışmanlığını yapmakta oldugumuz Teknolojik Ev Aletleri  alanında faaliyet gösteren , uluslararası müşterimizin yeni kurulan İstanbul ekibinde görevlendirilmek üzere  “Pazarlama Uzmanı” pozisyonunda arayışımız bulunmaktadır.

Detaylar için : sezin.dercin@reedglobal.com

Company in Turkey is a “start-up company”. The operational activity in terms of sales will probably start in Q4/2017. The recipe marketer will start in an environment without an experienced structure in Appliance recipe development.

The main focus in the first 2 years will be on the establishment of a consistent Turkish recipe treasure to fulfill minimum requirements for the launch of the digital recipe business. The ‘Marketing Specialist-Recipe will support the recipe development for approximately first 6 months.

Openness to trends and overcoming of own food preferences.


Comprehensive training in the first 6 months

  •  Introduction to the appliance and business
  •  Translate and test existing recipes from other countries
  •  Learn how to develop new recipes
  •  Apply the Appliance recipe development process
  •  Cook national and international recipes
  •  Overview of recipe standards including brand promises and quality criteria.

 Focus while the Turkish recipe treasure is growing

  •  Liaise with Appliance recipe marketers in other countries, as required
  •  Work on Appliance international recipe developer platform
  •  Proof reading and finalising of recipes.

 Produce and market recipe products – books, newsletters, online forums, marketing material

  •  Lead cookbook creation process with the support of an agency and printer
  •  Producing copy for all recipe products, including cookbooks, newsletters, digital recipe products
  •  Manage the recipe chip production process
  •  Create digital collections in Hybris
  •  Prepare recipe-related launches to the market/customers (cookbooks, videos, etc.)
  •  Respect the targets set for quality, time and budget within recipe product creation.

 Ensure customer centric recipe development

  •  Recipe market observation and analysis, assessment of current trends and customer needs
  •  Gather customer and advisor feedback on published recipe products
  •  Plan the customer recipe material including recipe collections, cookbooks, calendars, newsletter themes to fulfil the customer needs and to create a consistent Appliance recipe treasure for the Turkish customer (recipe development strategy)
  •  Lead the execution of the recipe development strategy with the recipe developers getting the support of the marketing manager
  •  Keep up to date with competitor information and understand the advantages and differences compared to the Appliance appliance and its recipe products and services.

 Secure high standards in quality and safety

  •  Define business targets, KPIs, quality standards and benchmarks for the Appliance recipe business within Turkey and manage performance
  •  Ensure the quality of recipes by following Appliance quality standards and recipe development processes
  •  Proofread all recipes.

 Ensure their knowledge about relevant areas for recipe development and recipe marketing

  •  Know all work related processes and guidelines (e.g. corporate design guidelines, recipe product development process, pricing guidelines)
  •  Update relevant knowledge whenever needed (e.g. recipe products, nutrition, trends related to food and recipes)
  •  Keep knowledge on tools and applications used for work updated (e.g. Appliance, recipe development platform, content platform).

RELATIONS AND INTERACTIONS                               

 Internal relations

  •  Recipe Developers, Marketing Manager, Online Specialist
  •  Customer Service
  •  Purchasing
  •  Salesforce
  •  Company International: Marketing, Product Management, International Trade 


 External relations

  •  Agencies: Cookbook production agencies, Photographers, Printer, Company International suppliers
  •  Cooperation partners: e.g. Chefs, Bloggers, Youtubers



  •  A successfully completed university degree in marketing, communication, print/digital media or applied linguistics
  •  Experienced in the publishing and/or digital media sector
  •  Knowledge of and experience with producing digital and analogue (recipe) media
  •  Experience in content management systems
  •  English is a must, both written and spoken
  •  Excellent editorial skills in Turkish language
  •  Excellent project management skills
  •  Experience in marketing of digital recipe products and/or services through offline and online channels is a great plus
  •  Passionate person following the trends of modern and traditional cooking (particularly cooking daily/family dishes), affinity for diverse cooking, eating and tasting and knowledge of national culinary culture is required
  •  Analytical skills: analysis of research/numerical data and break information into relevant components for the organization
  •  Highly quality oriented
  •  Able and willing to work as part of a team
  •  Builds wide and effective networks of contacts inside and outside of the organization
  •  Excellent Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and MS Project (optional) skills
  •  Experience in using Appliance is a plus


Associated typical profile

  •  Editor for food magazine or publishing house
  •  Copywriter
  •  Marketing communications specialist
  •  Digital content specialists knowledgeable in foodJ




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